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Single Vision Prescription Lens

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“Single vision” means having just one viewing area.  If your vision correction is single vision, that means your lens power corrects for nearsighted or farsighted, but not both.  “Distance vision” means that you are Near-Sighted, and need correction while looking at things that are more than 30” away.   Your personal eye exam will detail the necessary power to correct each one of your eyes. "Reading" glasses help you see things that are close to your face. In this case, you are Far-Sighted.

SPH, CYL, AXI -20.00 ~ +10.00, +4.00 ~ -4.00, 0-180
Index:  1.61;1.67;1.74
Coating Available: AR,HC/HMC/SHMC
Lens Function Available: Blue light Blocking, Photochromic Grey, Photochromic Amber, Prescription Sunglasses Lens(Customized Color  Available)
Prism Available