Collection: OBLIVIAS Computer/Reading Glasses

Embrace the freedom of comfort and clarity and say, "NO MORE" with Oblivia glasses. 

No More Neck Pain! Abandon the use of your progressive eyeglasses at your computer. The limited vertical and horizontal clarity of progressives forces your body into uncomfortable positions for extended periods, leading to neck and back strain. With Oblivias, enjoy a comfortable viewing experience that respects your posture.

No More Sleep Disruption! Blue light, visible to the human eye, can interfere with your sleep by suppressing melatonin production. This natural hormone regulates your sleep-wake cycle, signaling when it’s time to sleep or wake. Exposure to electronic devices can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime, delaying melatonin release and making sleep elusive. Oblivias blue light blocking feature helps maintain your natural sleep rhythm.

No More Constantly Removing Glasses! Oblivias offer a multifunctional lens designed for presbyopes (those needing improved close vision) who work with large-screen computer monitors. These glasses are perfect for corporate meetings, mechanics, musicians, frontline healthcare workers, and especially for traveling IT professionals adapting to changing ergonomic environments.

This versatile office lens aids in magnified reading (at the bottom of the lens) and allows the wearer to see objects at distances of up to 19.685 feet. Whether at home, heading to the break room, boardroom, or bathroom, say, “NO MORE” to accidentally leaving your glasses behind!

Additional Features:

  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Blue Light Blocking
  • UV Rays Blocking
  • Reading and mid-range clarity of up to 19 feet!

Welcome to a world of comfort and clarity with Oblivias Computer/Reading glasses.