All Lenses include built-in UV protection.

Polycarbonate material. 1.59 Index of Refraction. Aspheric, lightweight, and impact resistant. Widely recommended for children under the age of 19 years old. Polycarbonate material has UV protection and is known for its durability, thinness, and safety features. They are a popular choice for those seeking lightweight and protective eyewear. It is our base lens material and is included in the standard price.

1.67 Super Hi-Index is an upgrade from standard Polycarbonate lens material. Aids in producing a lighter weight and super thin look if you have higher Prescription Strengths: Suitable for those with stronger prescriptions (between +/- 2.00 to +/-5.00)

Ultra-thin and Lightest: These lenses are the thinnest possible lenses available today. 50% thinner than conventional plastic lenses, making your glasses feel lighter on your face and more powerful to make your vision ultra-clear. Suggested for stronger prescriptions (+/-5.00 and up)